How to reset Bluetooth on macOS

macOS generally has great Bluetooth support. Connecting devices is easy, and rarely does a device fail to pair, or have a choppy connection. Both the hardware and the software work well and it’s to be expected since Apple has its own Bluetooth mouse and keyboards for iMacs and Mac Minis that rely on it. That said, problems can still occur with it. If you’re having trouble connecting or pairing a device, you can reset Bluetooth on macOS to fix it.

Reset Bluetooth on macOS

Resetting Bluetooth on macOS is fairly easy. It is possible that after a reset, all your paired devices disappear in which case you will have to pair them again. Any connected device will definitely be disconnected so if you’re using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with your Mac, consider having a wired one on-hand.

The first thing you need to do to reset Bluetooth on macOS is to go to the following location in Finder.


Here, look for the following two files. Move them out of this folder and to the Trash.

how to reset bluetooth on macos How to reset Bluetooth on macOS

For the next step, you need to have the Bluetooth indicator visible in the menu bar. If you don’t, go to Bluetooth in System Preferences, and set it to be visible. Hold down the Shift+Option key, and then click the Bluetooth icon in the Menu bar. You will see a Debug option in the menu. Under this option, select ‘Reset the Bluetooth module’. Give it a few minutes and then restart the Mac.

how to reset bluetooth on macos 1 How to reset Bluetooth on macOS

That should do the trick. Any problems you’re having with Bluetooth should be resolved. If you’re still experiencing problems with certain devices e.g., a mouse or speaker, check if it needs to be charged or its batteries need to be replaced.

It is also possible that the device itself is damaged. Try connecting a similar but different device to your Mac and check if it too experiences the same problems. Generally, if you’re only having trouble with one Bluetooth device, and all other devices are working fine, the problem is likely with the device itself.

In this case, a simple reset may or may not do the trick. A few things you can try are disconnecting and unpairing the device, and turning it off and on again. Pair it, connect it to your Mac, and then see if the problem goes away.

It’s also worth checking online to see if other users have trouble using the device with a Mac. If they do, it’s likely you’re experiencing the same thing and Bluetooth on your Mac is just fine.

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