How to Resolve Microsoft Teams Stuck on the Loading Screen

Collaboration and interaction with teams have been made easier through the use of Microsoft Teams. However, some users have reported experiencing issues with the platform, particularly being stuck on the loading splash screen. In this article, we provide different methods to fix this issue.

To fix Microsoft Teams being stuck on the loading screen, users can try the following methods:

1. Restart Microsoft Teams: The simplest way to fix the issue is to restart the app.

2. Check the internet connection: Ensure that there are no internet issues by using free internet speed test tools.

3. Check the status of Microsoft Teams service: Check if there is an ongoing server issue by verifying the current status of Microsoft Teams services.

4. Clear Teams cache and temporary files: Clear the cache and temporary files to fix any corruption issues.

5. Repair, Reset or Reinstall Microsoft Teams: If the above methods do not work, users can either repair or reset the app. If that does not help, they can uninstall and reinstall the app from the Microsoft Store.

6. Use the web version and contact Microsoft support: If none of the above methods work, users can use the web version of Teams and contact Microsoft support for further guidance.

In conclusion, these are the different ways to fix Microsoft Teams when it is stuck on the loading screen. It is important to ensure a stable internet connection and check for any server issues before trying any of these methods.

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