Outlook MailTo Link Not Functioning in Windows 11/10

Is your Microsoft Outlook not opening or working properly with MailTo links? These links are used to directly link users to specific email addresses, allowing them to send emails without copying the email ID. However, some Windows users have reported issues with MailTo links not opening a reply in Outlook or opening in another email app or web browser. This could be due to a default app association for MailTo links being set to a different app, being disconnected from the internet, outdated Windows OS, incompatible Outlook version, or cache issues.

If you’re experiencing this issue on your Windows 11/10 PC, try restarting your computer and checking your internet connection and email address configuration in Outlook. Make sure your version of MS Outlook is compatible with MailTo and that any pending Windows updates have been downloaded and installed. Check your browser security settings or extensions to ensure they’re not preventing MailTo links from opening in Outlook.

To set Outlook as the default app for MailTo links, open the Settings app and go to the Apps tab. Click on Default apps and search for MAILTO in the search box. Select the MailTo option and choose Outlook as the default app. This should resolve the issue and allow MailTo links to open in Outlook by default.

If you’re unable to open hyperlinks in Outlook email on Windows 11, it could be due to incorrect file association settings, corrupted or invalid Registry entries, corrupted default web browser settings, or corruption in the Outlook app. To open MailTo links in Outlook instead of a web browser like Chrome, change the default association for MailTo links to Outlook in Windows settings.

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