[Solution] Excel AutoFill Not Working: How to Fix It

Microsoft Excel’s AutoFill feature automatically populates data in empty cells based on the selected cells’ data. It is also useful for applying formulas to empty cells. However, some users may encounter issues with AutoFill not working in Excel. This article provides solutions to fix the problem.

There are several reasons why AutoFill may not work in Excel, including a disabled Fill handle, incomplete data, or disabled Automatic Calculation. Some users may also experience issues with AutoFill filling incorrect or repetitive values in cells.

To fix AutoFill not working in Excel, users can try the following solutions:

1. Check if the Fill handle is enabled by going to File > Options > Advanced and selecting the “Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop” checkbox under Editing options.

2. Clear any filters applied to the column(s) where AutoFill is not working by selecting the “Clear Filter from” option from the Filter icon on the topmost cell of that column.

3. Ensure that the Ctrl key is not stuck when using AutoFill to avoid repetitive data filling.

4. Provide enough data for AutoFill to work properly by filling at least two cells in Excel.

5. Check if Automatic Calculation is enabled by selecting the Formula tab, clicking Calculation Options under the Calculation group, and selecting Automatic.

6. Create a custom list in Excel to enable AutoFill for random data.

7. Repair Office if the problem persists by running an online repair.

Custom AutoFill in Excel refers to a custom list created by users for frequently used data, which can save time in entering the same data repeatedly.

By following these solutions, users can resolve issues with AutoFill not working in Excel and improve their productivity.

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