Comparing Site-to-Site VPN, Direct Connect, and Remote VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that protects your privacy while browsing the internet by passing your internet traffic through a secured encrypted VPN tunnel. There are different types of VPN connections, including Site-to-Site VPN, Remote VPN, and Direct Connect. Site-to-Site VPN is commonly used by organizations to establish a secure connection among all its branches located worldwide, while Remote Access VPN provides individual users with a secure connection to access their organization’s resources from their remote locations. Direct Connect is a cloud service solution that establishes a dedicated network connection to an organization’s on-premises, providing a more secure and faster alternative to VPN connections. While Direct Connect is more secure than Site-to-Site VPN, the choice between them depends on specific requirements. AWS Direct Connect is a service provided by Amazon Web Services that offers a dedicated connection between an organization and its on-premises or data centers.

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