Automatically Switch to the Strongest WiFi in Windows 11/10

Having a reliable and strong WiFi connection is crucial in today’s world. However, there may be times when your device gets stuck on a weaker signal. Luckily, Windows 11/10 has a built-in feature that automatically switches to the strongest available WiFi signal. To activate this feature, you need to enable Roaming Aggressiveness, which determines how quickly your device can switch to a stronger connection. Here’s how to do it:

1. Enable Roaming Aggressiveness.

2. Open Run, type ncpa.cpl, and hit Enter.

3. Right-click on your WiFi adapter and select Status.

4. Click on Wireless Properties and check the option “Look for other wireless networks while connected to this network.”

5. Click on Ok to save the changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your Windows 11/10 device to automatically switch to the strongest WiFi network.

If you want to automatically connect to the strongest WiFi signal in Windows 11, you need to enable the Roaming Aggressiveness feature. To do so, open your WiFi adapter’s Properties and click on Configure. Navigate to the Advanced tab, select Roaming Aggressiveness under Property, and set Value to Highest.

To force 5ghz WiFi on your Windows 11 device, go to Settings and navigate to Network & Internet. Click on WiFi > Advanced network settings > Hardware properties. In the WiFi Properties window, go to the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Preferred band option, and select 5GHz.

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