Dell SupportAssist Continuously Appears on Windows 11/10

The Dell SupportAssist utility is designed to keep Dell computers up to date and offers additional features that are helpful for Dell users. However, some users have reported that the software keeps popping up on their Windows computers, either after logging in or on the boot screen, preventing them from using their computers. This article provides solutions to fix this issue.

To fix the problem, users can perform a clean reinstallation of Dell SupportAssist, turn off Secure Boot, or change UEFI to Legacy mode. To perform a clean reinstallation, users can uninstall Dell SupportAssist via the Settings app or Control Panel, delete all related services and folders manually, and then download and install the latest version from the official website of Dell. If this is too difficult, users can use free third-party uninstaller software.

If Dell SupportAssist is popping up on the boot screen, users must turn off Secure Boot by accessing their system BIOS. If this does not help, users can change the UEFI mode to Legacy mode to bring up the login screen after booting.

If users are experiencing issues with Dell SupportAssist, they can disable it from the Startup apps in Task Manager or uninstall it via the Control Panel and perform a clean installation. The purpose of Dell SupportAssist is to monitor the health of the system, detect issues, optimize PC settings, and notify users when updates are needed.

In summary, Dell SupportAssist is a useful utility for Dell users, but if it keeps popping up on Windows computers, users can use the solutions provided in this article to fix the issue.

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