[Fix] Overcoming Overwatch’s Black Screen Issue during Startup or Launch

Overwatch players on Windows PCs may encounter a black screen issue when launching or playing the game. This problem can be caused by outdated Windows or graphics drivers, incorrect graphics settings, missing admin rights, infected or missing game files, corrupted game cache, software conflicts, unoptimized power management settings, and in-game overlays. To fix this issue, users can try updating their Windows and graphics drivers, resetting in-game settings to default, resetting video driver settings, disabling fullscreen optimizations and in-game overlays, scanning and repairing game files, terminating unwanted background apps, clearing game cache, and checking power management settings. If the problem persists, users can verify the integrity of game files and optimize in-game graphics settings. When encountering a black screen while using the Alt+Tab hotkey, users should ensure that their game and monitor’s display settings are in sync and that their graphics driver is up-to-date.

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