How to Adjust Boot Menu Timeout in Windows 11/10

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to change the Boot Menu Timeout in Windows 11/10. By default, the Boot Menu Timeout is set to 30 seconds, which allows users to select an operating system installed on their computer. However, if this time delay is not satisfactory, users can increase or decrease it using the built-in options of Windows 11/10. This post covers all the available options for changing the Boot Menu Timeout, including using Boot Options, System Configuration window (or MSConfig), System Properties window, and Command Prompt window.

If you have installed multiple operating systems on your computer, the Boot Menu Timeout determines how long the boot menu is displayed before automatically selecting the default operating system to load. To change this default boot menu timeout value, users can set the timeout value between 0 and 999 seconds using any of the available options.

To speed up the boot process of Windows 11, users can disable unnecessary Startup apps and programs, enable Fast Startup mode, delay loading of Windows Services, and troubleshoot in Clean Boot State.

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