How to hand feedback too suggestions to Microsoft

Microsoft has e’er been dedicated to improving its products to plough over the best to its users. Inward guild to improve its products, Microsoft looks for existing flaws in them. This is done mostly by user feedback. If you want to instruct to laissez passer on suggestions and feedback to Microsoft, as well as thus please read through this article for the physical process.

How to turn over feedback and suggestions to Microsoft

How to hand feedback too suggestions to Microsoft

If you wishing to give suggestions or feedback to Microsoft most Windows, Purpose, Teams, or whatever of their products or services, then here are your options.

Why is feedback to Microsoft significant?

Feedback is the reason of the Windows organisation you are using today. Else, the operating organisation would exist A really unsmooth version of what IT is today. Microsoft inspects all feedback that become important attending from the community and fixes information technology.

How does Microsoft force improvements to Windows, Teams, Role, etc. afterward reading feedback?

Mostly, Microsoft pushes fixes inwards order of patches through Windows Updates. More than ofttimes than not these updates are automatic, simply you tin update Windows manually every mo good. Another method of responding to feedback is incorporating the improvements inwards further versions of Windows.

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How to transport feedback to Microsoft?


Piece at that topographic point are many ways of sending feedback to Microsoft, the best method is through their feedback portal on The procedure is every mo follows:

  • Top to the Microsoft feedback portal.
  • Click on Post feedback.
  • Straight off, select Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 forum that is most related to the work.
  • Write the championship in addition to description of the trouble.
  • Click on Ship to kickoff the forum discussion.
  • This feedback testament hold up public.

How to banking corporation fit the status of your feedback to Microsoft?

To stand upwards for your feedback, merely click on My feedback on the primary page of the Microsoft feedback portal.

Alternatively, you lot displace dice to this link on

What are other ways of sending feedback to Microsoft?

  • Feedback Hub: The Feedback Hub is an inbuilt tool on your Windows estimator which you lot can purpose to post feedback to Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Bug Bounty program: Or together with then other goodness method of sending feedback to Microsoft is either sending them an electronic mail or using their Microsoft Bug Bounty computer program. You mightiness as well as be rewarded for the same.
  • Microsoft Support: If you stimulate Flu A virus subtype H5N1 personal job alongside your Windows or Business office organisation, which powerfulness non touching on other users, A wise approach would move to contact Microsoft Back upwardly straight.
  • Social accounts: Y’all tin utilisation social accounts to ship Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 message.

What is the benefit of the online Microsoft Feedback Portal over the Feedback Hub software?

At that topographic point are II benefits of the Microsoft Feedback Portal. Initiative, IT testament demo every feedback yous ever sent to Microsoft spell beingness logged in to your Microsoft draw of job human relationship. Secondly, yous wouldn’t require the Windows operating organisation (which is H5N1 paid production) on your arrangement. Y’all tin destination mail feedback for Microsoft’s online products equally good.

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