How to remap keys on Windows 10

Keyboards are some of the easiest hardware to use regardless if you’re on a Mac or a Windows 10 PC. They’re easy to set up, have lots of language variations, and don’t require special drivers to work. Connect a new keyboard to your Windows 10 PC and it will be set up automatically regardless what type it is. Keyboards are generally standardized and have the same set of keys. The arrangement of the keys may differ depending on where you bought the keyboard from but most keys will be the same. If you have a keyboard that’s missing a particular key, or you need a key to act like another, you can get them to do so by remapping them. It’s fairly easy to remap keys on Windows 10, in fact there are quite a few apps out there for the job. That said, you should use AutoHotKey.

how to remap keys on windows 10 How to remap keys on Windows 10

AutoHotKey is basically a scripting tool. An AHK script can be simple, or it can be complex but as far as remapping a key on Windows 10 is concerned, you’re looking at a very simple script.

Remap keys on Windows 10

Install AutoHotKey on your Windows 10 PC. Open a new notepad file to create the script. Use the syntax below to remap the keys. As for declaring keys, you can read the extensive documentation that AutoHotKey has, or you can go through our brief post on disabling a key on Windows 10 to learn about them.


Key Pressed::Target Key

Here, ‘Key Pressed’ has to be replaced with the key you’re going to press on your keyboard e.g., the Caps lock key. The two colons that follow will remain unchanged. The ‘Target Key’ will be the key that you want to execute when you tap the key you’re remapping. If you want to execute the ‘Enter’ key when you tap the Caps lock, replace ‘Target Key’ with the syntax for the Enter key.



how to remap keys on windows 10 1 How to remap keys on Windows 10

Save the file with an AHK extension, and run it. The key will be remapped and its new behavior will be applied to any and all apps. It will only work when you’re on your desktop and the script is running. If you’re in your BIOS, the key remapping will not work because BIOS cannot run the script.

You can add several remapping lines to a single script. If you need the script to run all the time, it’s a good idea to add it to your Startup folder so that it will run automatically when you boot your system.

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