How to Resolve Error 114: GameGuard Initialization Failed

GameGuard may fail to start in games for various reasons, causing users to face the Error 114 message shortly after launching games that use the GameGuard anti-cheating rootkit. While GameGuard is designed to prevent cheating, it can also prevent gamers from playing the game by failing to start on their system. In this article, we will explore solutions to fix the GameGuard Initialization Failed Error 114.

If GameGuard Initialization fails with Error 114, try the following solutions:

1. Reboot the PC: Restarting the PC can clear out any problem-causing software and resolve the issue.

2. Run the game with administrator privileges: Lack of permissions can cause Initialization Failed Error 114, so try running the game with administrator privileges.

3. End other programs: Keep unnecessary programs closed when running a game, especially if GG fails to initialize. Use Task Manager to end any running processes that are of no use.

4. Disable Security Program temporarily: Your security program might consider GameGuard a malicious activity, so disable it temporarily and check if the issue is resolved.

5. Troubleshoot in Clean Boot: A Clean Boot can diagnose and troubleshoot issues within the system. Start the system with minimal drivers and startup programs to identify the cause of the issue.

6. Delete the GameGuard folder: Uninstalling the corrupted app can resolve the issue. Delete the GameGuard folder and verify the integrity of game files.

7. Perform a complete antivirus scan: Perform Windows Defender Offline Scan at boot time to detect any malware or viruses causing the issue.

8. Reinstall the game: If nothing works, uninstall and reinstall the game to fix the issue.

Error 114 in VMware GameGuard is generally caused by a common glitch that happens when GameGuard is not shut down properly or due to interference with Firewalls and software. To fix this issue, follow the solutions mentioned above.

Apart from Error 114, users may also face GameGuard error 120, which results from failed authentication due to missing or altered .INI files. In such cases, repairing the game client via the NC launcher can resolve the issue.

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