How to Resolve WSL Error 0x80072eff on a Windows PC

If you encounter the 0x80072eff WSL error when attempting to open the Windows System for Linux or run “wsl.exe” or “wsl” in the Command Prompt, there are several ways to fix it. WSL is a virtual environment that allows users to work with programs like Linux, Bash shell, and utilities. It is a popular tool among developers and DevOps experts who need to access Linux distribution environments on Windows hosts. WSL 2 is an improvement over WSL 1, with a more advanced architecture.

The 0x80072eff error may occur if there are no distributions installed, the app is corrupted, or there was a problem with its installation. If WSL is not installed properly, it won’t recognize the distribution and will generate the error code. Other causes may include glitches, viruses or malware, and corrupted registry files.

To fix the 0x80072eff error, you can try the following solutions:

1. Wait for some services and processes to start: Some services and processes in your PC might take some time before initiating, which can trigger the error code. Wait for at least 10 minutes after rebooting your computer to allow your system to start all required services and processes.

2. Reset or restart WSL-related services in Command Prompt: Some services and features might be disabled or have issues that can trigger the error. To fix these issues, run several commands in the Command Prompt.

3. Repair or reset Ubuntu: A wrongly installed or configured Ubuntu can be the cause of the error. You can either repair or reset the app or do both and see if the issue is resolved.

4. Try to install distributions manually: If some distributions are missing or cannot be downloaded automatically, a code error like 0x80072eff for WSL will occur when you want to launch it. To fix this, you can try to manually install these important files on the Command Prompt.

To force WSL to install, open Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell with administrative privileges, copy and paste the command wsl –install and press Enter. Then restart your PC to apply the new changes. If WSL is not working, it may be disabled or have glitches in the app. You can enable it, update it, or repair it in the Settings app.

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