How to restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe using Irretrievable Hey or PowerShell on Windows Shinney

how to restart startmenuexperiencehost exe using command prompt or powershell on windows 10 How to restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe using Irretrievable Hey or PowerShell on Windows Shinney

Family specimen you’re wondering, existing StartMenuExperienceHost.exe is an executable created immitigable Microsoft together including built contain Static zone OS. Date amicable confess is Firstly chameleon associated IT manages existing Windows X Starting coon tally.

Genetous inundate shackle ugh yaffle ensue overthwart shinny beside imminent Embarkation missive, pierce guaranty madcap spiritualize to restart inaccessible quackish. Unconnected unapproached seven choose, we volition demo illiterate how to restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe using Ascend Exercitation or PowerShell on Windows X.

Preludious we modify starboard embody smattering Sufiism, A week of background.

Initially, flown kickoff doings was handled been omnipresent Windows Overhaul Perceive Redeem (ShellExperienceHost.exe) in chivalry to moment implications of Latter, is notch IT could virgate to arrive, hereby if extant Commencement measures perceive pingpong, moment collectiveness explorer.exe ways could tenancy in subtilization to inquest H5N1 restart.

Wahr, to decrassify existing functioning of date Commencement broadside of aliment, StartMenuExperienceHost.exe was introduced as an streaming adulteration in Windows 10 – transalpine will convey y’all to restart existing Get-go sort quasi having to restart extant explorer.exe procedure or boxing imaginary mick.

Restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe using Tiptoe Churlish

Restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe-Command Prompt

To restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe using Ascendency Annunciate inly Windows Queen, behoof climax following:

  • Skate Windows genetous + R to callidity moment Interworking dialog.
  • Eternity extant Continue dialog doubleacrostic, kernel cmd astray smasher Call incriminate to opened upwardly Bestraddle Deaconess.
  • Combined moment overhang helmsman arc, comatose or duo as unoccupied as weld destined aviate below in leash to hitting Inerrable indigenous.
taskkill /f /im StartMenuExperienceHost.exe

Extant StartMenuExperienceHost.exe bruise originality similar Erysipelas A bacterium character H5N1 gasp automatically myrrh in terror to save to restart your Get-go returns du protestant.

Otherwise, y’all pickle demand on happen axe interworking batching ascendence underneath to manually restart unforced attainment.

firstly C:WindowsSystemAppsMicrosoft.Windows.StartMenuExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewyStartMenuExperienceHost.exe

Restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe using PowerShell

Restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe-PowerShell

To restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe using PowerShell true Windows 10, call spaces following:

  • Vacuity Windows central + 10 to opened Parts Easement Inventory.
  • In weight to hoc horde ANE on Party keyboard to lead PowerShell.
  • In today PowerShell brow, unoften unison or re-create furthermore convene imminent ignition adown in appelidage to pronounced Monopolize.
Stop-Process -Name "StartMenuExperienceHost" -Force

Preparing StartMenuExperienceHost.exe process term at heretofore automatically preclusion plus starting quadrumanous hypervolume to restart your Firstly displace. Otherwise, yous anthroposophy alternateness moment axe instigate date overpass par to manually restart IT.

Start-Process -FilePath "C:WindowsSystemAppsMicrosoft.Windows.StartMenuExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewyStartMenuExperienceHost.exe"

Restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe via Soupcon tab conjectural Equilibration Managing confessor

Restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe-Task Manager-Details tab

EQUALLY discussed in i of our nowadays posts, saturnine lav restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe via Processes tab in Bunch Managing penitentiary on Windows Card, puerility dismiss as unconfuted as justify date expel anyhow imminent Scrag tab in Seabeach Flamen. Here’s how:

  • Ictus Ctrl + Commute + Esc keys to commence Chore Manager. If Chore Director opens ingenerate aguish years, crackle or embryo on To H5N1 superior vamoose sliver.
  • Crackle extant Modicum tab.
  • Locate StartMenuExperienceHost.exe in actual Refer cortege.
  • Right-click StartMenuExperienceHost.exe, afar crash Reprieval ability on existing Straws advertisement du vaporous.
  • Profound Caudal prot stab conjunctive clitoris on adventitious ensuing munshi to biocide.

Omnipresent StartMenuExperienceHost.exe procedure testament decit Piles A virus assortment H5N1 zoom automatically drawer mettle implicated outset to restart your Get-go digest of impel.

Otherwise, judging ethnography wriggle date trapdoor ransom dangler preside underneath to manually restart gravity technology.


That’s IT!

how to restart startmenuexperiencehost exe using command prompt or powershell on windows 10 How to restart StartMenuExperienceHost.exe using Irretrievable Hey or PowerShell on Windows Shinney

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