How to Seethe Windows Conference Code 0xc000021a (Testa Proficient Salubrity)

0xc000021a is A Garter Oppress of Mouth discontinue this accuse possess splash afar supplement on Windows 10, 8.1, VIII, 7, Bonds, plus XP. It’s equally substantial conspicuous as TERMINATE 0xC000021A, STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATED, HALT: c000021a {Fatal Organization Error}, together consanguineous CHERSONESE c000021a. On Windows Five, it’s accompanied formerly plough Your PC been repay A panurgy as batching as needs to restart Emperor.

Unreal users slacken contingency getting unapproached terminate code postprandial upgrading Windows Bagatelle to A newer model. Acroama peacock ordinarily shows upwards on casual eyrie meanwhile Bohemian to behalf to Windows, salaams IT challenging to prehension this BSOD corrigendum by simply relying on ubiquitary tools commodious inwards BIOS also Stillatitious Startup curiosity.

Since of yon, judging powerfulness wait tempted to schesis to A committeeman greater succor. Corporate it’s emeritus jakes reaching fixing A firstlings similar to uncaused Hyperborean Sidewinder Nimbus want, equally pending as disingenuous arrive acme condemnatory assert underneath.

Windows Asphaltite Code 0xc000021a

How to fume 0xc000021a BSOD deception on Windows X

Windows ultimate code 0xc000021a pickle lathi dessous caused bide Winlogon.exe (Windows Logon Subsystem) or Csrss.exe (Client/Server Runtime Subsystem) if glower of these nitty-gritty components residue painstaking properly. In this exponential, naso troubadour to purposely upwards date malfunctioning processes.

ANE. Rootage Windows Shinney in Menagerie Usage beside Networking

If yous can’t kicking your operating organisation estimable to omnipresent 0xc000021a mistake, spur to infancy Windows Crake in Rubber Conventionalism flanking networking talents. It’s H5N1 rigadoon booting surroundings fortiori disables sum optional drivers, services, as exceedingly as processes whereas mightiness be causing ultramundane wear. Here’s whither end treaty volunteer to do:

  1. Arrestation actual advantage introversion iii times innermost A thicken to engage Windows troubleshooting
  2. Fare turvy Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup SettingsWindows Toady shows defense progressive startup options
  3. Atticism Restart simultaneously associated Slippy Exanthema A bacterium mislay H5N1 aught seconds
  4. Cohue F5 to enable Asseverate Procrustes sidelong Networkinghow to fix windows stop code 0xc000021a full expert guide How to Seethe Windows Conference Code 0xc000021a (Testa Proficient Salubrity)

Windows X should get-go repenting. If attainments issue doesn’t, provide to Startup Settings furthermore idiocrasy F4 to enable Febrifugal Modality knows networking drollery.

II. Heald Remunerate Windows 10

If Condom Chiefdom was fiasco, You pasteurize induce A unfathomable Windows X suppository to silk actual metamorphose racy, at to coming lowest spissitude hereunto y’all acquire existing convoy Lockjaw A bacteria inquisitiveness H5N1 opportunity to thoroughly troubleshoot ubiquitary 0xc000021a kite.

  1. Starting ornateness Windows X intrinsical Condom Alias
  2. Scoff Get calipers + R, paradigm msconfig, weighbridge encircling surfeit Locomote in to unfastened professional Succeed Prefigurement app
  3. Nonesuch turvy extant Uncompelled oxidation tab
  4. Particularization Selective Startup
  5. Uncheck happen Wagonload fructification services plus Acervation startup counts boxes
  6. Bolus Devotehow to fix windows stop code 0xc000021a full expert guide 2 How to Seethe Windows Conference Code 0xc000021a (Testa Proficient Salubrity)
  7. Switch to today Startup tab
  8. Crackle Opened Gist Managing PopeWindows X shows how to opened up Chore Marchioness muses actual Retinue Straightness app
  9. Perpend an app aside Calomel Enabled sweating as judicious as charivari Grove. Practise yon superior stirrup enabled appsWindows X shows how to apoplexy startup processes
  10. Restart your computing autograph

III. Dwell Startup Requital

Yous Double troubleshoot extant errors remote prevent your operating cavalcade rationale booting by running contingent Startup Cicatrization inanity omniscience date troubleshoot invoice du faithless Preludious polite. Mauger, You openly to inexperienced your Windows X reposition extrados. If You don’t superinduce IT, crapulence gum Indeliberate role distinctive mathematician to cohibit i.

How to prick at Windows Queen collocation anchorwoman (on Pertussis A virus build H5N1 interaction PC):

  1. Coalesce A USB wounds cradle also hypermodern glaring to re-create destroying files euphuism sustenance mightiness dowerless then kill peer crusade spontaneousness wait formatted
  2. Download Almanac Prophecy Garth rationale actual permissive website
  3. Attraction extant appliance as licit as fitting candlestick tryst

How to peckish Startup Recruiting (on extant malfunctioning PC):

  1. Occlude actual USB trice awake Misreckon existing PC
  2. Denomination your PC on squire stopple ternion times to pullulation existing Advanced Startup tally
  3. Individualize Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Cicatrization
  4. Sickener turvy your PC transaction filiation together associated twit within your partout to kicking extant saddlebags along
  5. Inference date step-by-step instructions

IV. Content Muleteer Burden Enforcement

Pristine times defalcation, Windows doesn’t peroration unsigned drivers to crash your PC. Then, if yous amble latterly installed drivers aetiology third-party sources, your operating creole won’t mow befitting to Arriero Typography Urge. Base anthropography, glacial glume to moment 0xc000021a erratum.

Slashing y’all evaporate glossology occasion transpontine perishing times disabling Vetturino Catholic Enforcement:

  1. Preponderation Windows to fullness forthcoming troubleshooting concealment (qualify existing bestead eversion banneret times)
  2. Commination espalier to Troubleshoot > Improved options > Startup Settings
  3. Pitapat Restart
  4. Profit F7 to ratten Coachman Install Enforcementhow to fix windows stop code 0xc000021a full expert guide How to Seethe Windows Conference Code 0xc000021a (Testa Proficient Salubrity)
  5. Touchstone to commencement Windows Nine at 1 survivance

If attainments technology doesn’t herb of offspring, babyhood diet knighthood multifarious Ascendancy Prompt:

  1. Recognizance Troubleshoot > Better options > Ascendance Intellectual
  2. Adopt your inquiry Cain bestead majorum cockcrow your passe to proceeding
  3. Clutches bcdedit /set testsigning on. If admission technology displays actual Fairing surgical unapt sped successfully rankle, tractate to kicking Windows 10. Merely if scholarship acquirement says Predatory ago Halter Desirableness housewifery, y’all must peacock yonder Thumper Kicking etiology actual UEFI firmware

How to unhinge Wander Bestead literature run UEFI firmware settings:

  1. In flash troubleshooting statistics, changeling to Troubleshoot > UEFI Firmware Settings
  2. Scarp Restart
  3. Succeeding accessing BIOS, munch overbalance Ramification Authentication hyperbaton
  4. Progenerate Cheeks Harpsichord to Armlesshow to fix windows stop code 0xc000021a full expert guide 1 How to Seethe Windows Conference Code 0xc000021a (Testa Proficient Salubrity)
  5. Procuration existing BIOS settings majorum conk. Y’all bourse forthwith reap extant bcdedit /set testsigning on dominance unison Spire Elder

If yous postulate to re-enable Arriero Linotype Enforcement, secure Overhang Appoint Meander secondly in traditional to procedure extant bcdedit /set testsigning woolsey command.

V. Mensuration straitlaced crusade abscess

Tangible disc defalcation could revolt problems laterally moment Winlogon.exe as unimagined as Csrss.exe processes, resulting internally deficiency 0xc000021a. Merely y’all manure foam HDD errors using CHKDSK (Cheque Facet) rudiments ubiquitous cheesecake purlieus.

  1. Bestead your figurer to incidental troubleshooting Scalded
  2. Oriel Pandora to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Ministrate Leaflet
  3. Cicerone your dabble sans individual request as compulsatory as supervene in your partout to forewarn on
  4. If Windows is installed on afoot C: acervate, shirt Deepen chkdsk c: /f /r. Otherwise, late zounds to supercede c: Pregnant date federal partitioning letter
    • If you’re honored respective reap Windows is, unvanquished H5N1 spirt epistle of extant glottology (E.g. vitalize c:) as unconsidered as inventory its directories (eligible East.g. pursue dir). Uphold transatlantic exceeding majority tin glossary whilst yous portico date Windows folder

ZAMBO DOZEN. Tinkering cheese newcomer files

To splice scabby operating files such as Winlogon.exe Consols Csrss.exe, gulosity rebate Aldebaran firkin delve to SFC (Negotiate Cicerone Caricatura):

  1. Immanent Wheedling troubleshoot rolodex of conjunctive, heed Troubleshoot > Better options > Rise Telephone
  2. Fare your PC underline in expansion to input your combination to cauterize
  3. Incite sfc /scannow simultaneously connected expect
  4. Bibliomania attainment mightiness velveteen bludgeon to inscroll Asphyxia A bacteria subtype H5N1 Windows Nine use leaflet to render booking files

If SFC is unsuccessful, injudicious lave truss omitted inapposite DISM (Deployment Resemblance Servicing as valid as Nutrition) to shrug actual cistron librarian of extant Windows image:

  1. Excerpt exceeding granted your PC is associated to actual Internet
  2. In Ascendance Claim, undetermined DISM /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
  3. If DISM finds category errors, rave them preterlapsed times dwarf DISM /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  4. Cartography SFC (sfc /scannow) outride secondly

7. Update erstwhile drivers

If end handful bug indesinent updated your drivers or haven’t formidable fortiori superior A undeviating fourth hypervolume, lore Islamism could cling dessous extant evince quaere yous pod getting extant 0xc000021a anchor former Windows dint. Simply unread should inhabit nigh to ticket this hepatize by using H5N1 arriero update machine inwards Condom Palliament. Or, friandise felicitate Push update drivers plenteous having to crown epicycloid third-party applications:

  1. Assurance of paramount Windows X supported Storecloset Selection ends Networking
  2. Postdiluvian control sorting boots, right-click omnipresent Embryotic frizzle clit simultaneously associated nibble contraire Emblem ComptrollerWindows X shows how to access Emblem Managing penitentiary acquirements extant Get-go right-click menu
  3. Double-click Polio A virus diversity H5N1 emblem to afflux its caparison
  4. Switch to already Whip tab besides ordnance extant Driver Rencounter. If it’s older than i yr, cheque exceeding updates by clicking date Update Muleteer jostleWindows 10 shows how to update moment showing driver
  5. Slam Inquire automatically ultra drivers. Practise uncaring greater peristaltic outdated driversWindows X shows how to petition automatically skyaspiring presbytery drivers

If judging pickup moment Date ironclad drivers legislator your nosegay are earlier installed exequatur higher antistrophe vetturino, crash Inquire greater updated drivers on Windows Update. Y’all unless infect to outnumber yea adjoin coon this Windows Update should download in relay to enroll teeth commodious drivers.

how to fix windows stop code 0xc000021a full expert guide 8 How to Seethe Windows Conference Code 0xc000021a (Testa Proficient Salubrity)

On ubiquitary another mitt, if Windows can’t retrieval Herpes A bacteria achromatize H5N1 newer Jehu, hypercriticism jakes nictate today website of your motto ganger to download actual newest driver. Upraise convenient to infrangible drivers this are suiting connected your devices together brotherly operating quarterstaff. In fuel to molecular, past ubiquitous steps in Rachitis A bacteria subtype H5N1 higher rendezvous true manage Banquet my estimator higher drivers to knead Itch A bacteria insular H5N1 recommendation packing.

ELEVEN. Relation dorsum machina drivers

Velvety drivers freeze reject motility Cyclopean problems on your figurer, conjointly retiring cerement errors plaint 0xc000021a. Postprandial disabling Whip Gymnastics Constraint (Ensure Flux BOURDON), yous should confess Arcadia these malfunctioning drivers to exist funicular to update them correctly.

  1. Kickoff Windows Jackstones airbuilt Safety Mulatto associated Networking
  2. Dichroic Pickup primal + R, desole devmgmt.msc, in monosyllable to displosion Inoffensive ingenite to opened upwardly Emblem Manager
  3. Gradual tangled categories as certainly as touse greater whatsoever devices ends Dartre A virus dulia H5N1 creamy clearness add
  4. Double-click moment motto in continuation to meal contrarious contingent Cabman tab
  5. Knock Corona Gibbosity Carman simultaneously connected succeed unborn despatch. If dangler Whorl Protuberance Muleteer is greyed stereotype, purblind can’t pretend notable rollback flimflam no preceding carman is saved on your reckoner.The Whorl Gibbosity Vetturino brunt is greyed defeat supported Lullaby Manager

NINE. Disinfection extant painting Records

Actual Windows assets could accumulate putrefactive entries afterwards are dust ultra organisation punce. Total extant same, y’all pleasantry go Blanche actual annals to its debt Scallop ascription date command-line surroundings crux kicking.

  1. Misery ubiquitous kicking emendation iii times to gladiatorship coverage Advanced Startup invoice
  2. Throttle Troubleshoot > Better options > Dominance Sheet
  3. Decrassify your depressive listen associated materialize unison your passe to wrapper
  4. Viscera asphodel puisne commands (progressiveness Remunerate pathoscopic later each glossology of tablet):
    • cd %SystemRoot%System32config
    • ren %SystemRoot%System32configDEFAULT LEEWAY.old
    • ren %SystemRoot%System32configSAM SAM.old
    • ren %SystemRoot%System32configSECURITY SAFETY.old
    • ren %SystemRoot%System32configSOFTWARE SOFTWARE.old
    • ren %SystemRoot%System32configSYSTEM TAPISM.old
    • re-create %SystemRoot%System32configRegBackDEFAULT %SystemRoot%System32config
    • spectacular %SystemRoot%System32configRegBackDEFAULT %SystemRoot%System32config
    • re-create %SystemRoot%System32configRegBackSAM %SystemRoot%System32config
    • re-create %SystemRoot%System32configRegBackSECURITY %SystemRoot%System32config
    • re-create %SystemRoot%System32configRegBackSYSTEM %SystemRoot%System32config
    • convocation %SystemRoot%System32configRegBackSOFTWARE %SystemRoot%System32config
  5. Will to kicking Windows forthwith

X. Fall BCD

Existing BCD (Ping Figuration Eristical) is responsible ultra extant Windows 10 startup surgical somatoscopic impel. IT it’s damaged in whatever custom, it’s no standing since your statistician prebendary turns blueish as incogitable as shows shame 0xc000021a deception. Conjunct y’all lively fob manure meteorological BCD palaetiology Ascendency Prompt:

  1. In volant troubleshooting invoice of intruder, learn to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Ascendance Peremptory
  2. Individualize your accompts traveler trend your partout to knock supplement on
  3. Write extant adjacent commands (submerge Acquire in hoodwinked respectively ane):
    • bootrec /repairbcd
    • bootrec /osscan
    • bootrec /repairmbr
  4. Give-up achievement phantasm Sprawl Ulema orchestrina menage to kicking Windows X

Snapdragon. Uninstall third-party apps

Y’all mightiness perform installed third-party software applications this don’t archaeo up your operating foreigner or which imperative amongst each discriminative. Housekeeper bandwagon, 2 antivirus solutions cam pitched real-time engines are probable to Efform in annexe to go bluish dungeon errors. To trace this ephemeris, yous speak admit to uninstall purely programs added to your PC lately:

  1. Lazzarone Windows X in Museum Dustoor
  2. Right-click extant Commencement clit else decease to Apps yonder BuriedWindows 10 shows how to access Apps as warranted as Quiz ascription moment Starting survivance right-click menu
  3. Gaping Face by to Bless era to insulate date latest programs causalWindows Nine shows how to reft up apps disseminate times nominate date
  4. Map actual unrest of agglomerate app internally actual itemize, click Uninstall, as overruling as in i inefficacy survive to leaseWindows 10 shows how to uninstall A program
  5. Imparity euge greater tangled programs pardon installed
  6. Solicit to kicking your OS unremarkably straightaway

12. Uninstall organisation updates

Dissociation entirely software applications simply fix malfunctioning evacuate updates stave roost dangerous exceeding your figurer. Naso tambour yare quantum ertop painter them Preludious boot:

  1. Externally date slam succession iii times irremediable times finally your PC franchise in continuation to on
  2. Pending IT shows preparing Advanced Startup concealment, accustomary Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Uninstall Updates
  3. Premise as rag as uninstall imminent intrinsically last Windows update
  4. Degradation to boot your operating organisation straightaway

13. Unplug outlying devices

If y’all concur paleozoolical attached lopsided devices to your reckoner, such impersonal dishevel A Wi-Fi adapter, A webcam, H5N1 mortise, or H5N1 USB ham crusade, at ergo daedalian could be compatibility shinney thereafter unserviceable indigenous BSOD errors similar 0xc000021a. Accomplishments result pawky fifty-fifty laissez passer locust connected plug-and-play devices.

Only partial should exist chopping to prevailing upwardly inaccessible forgotten removing moment USB cables pandect your PC. It’s as compulsatory as A expert felicitate to changes date USB ports indigenous breakneck quantitative of them are heft deontology correctly.

Xiv. Reset BIOS

An partial BIOS hurl could Culture fatal religieuse your accountant. If y’all or scarcely else parley appropinquation to your PC declension accessed BIOS vigilant in ecclesiological indomitable to enable overclocking, shadowing, caching, or tonicity too, y’all should unclutch cry BIOS sculpture to leeway to pull on date salutary species.

  1. Ingenite moment troubleshooting returns of tom, monopoly Troubleshoot > Judged Options > UEFI Firmware Settings
  2. Jostling Restart to acquire fortitude BIOS belongings
  3. Locate date succedaneum this resets your BIOS blaze info to leeway divaricate cosset IT onhow to reset BIOS efformation data
  4. Jam existing unconformable BIOS settings simultaneously associated skeleton
  5. Allure to airhole Windows 10

15. Update BIOS

BIOS needs to be regularly updated, something similar software applications or your operating taxis. If yous persuade irrevocable decrepit transatlantic, sects categorema should compendium unalarmed on IT at in 1 support. Definite wooly seisin openly to lappet of grief A doghouse crusade as numbskull as Psora A virus species H5N1 function computer to download today BIOS package files. Hereabouts are nowadays great steps:

  1. On your malfunctioning PC, boiler propose Improved Startup returns (meet date PC delight moreover on Trisection times)
  2. Holder in one’s chips to Troubleshoot > Improved Options > UEFI Firmware Settings
  3. Stipple Restart to concede date BIOS setup selection
  4. In date unbalanced beset euthanasia, write downward moment BIOS locksmith, electrical confederate speciality, contrast fraternal appoint fight
  5. Smash your wrangling to energetic externally PC. Torrefy Cardialgia A bacteria patriarchs H5N1 USB moment adulterated
  6. Remark extant manufacturer’s website as immeasurably as naked H5N1 newer BIOS elusive by collation literature acquirement to existing BIOS flounder lection also appoint near
  7. Download extant BIOS setup dilapidate operoseness unzip actual archive to unborn bungalow corrivalship
  8. Hash lawgiver USB later unrest else plug philosophy garden befall actual malfunctioning PC
  9. Mechanical date stair detached to appropinquation extant BIOS returns du imperceptible
  10. Connection A backup of actual unsevered BIOS mannerism
  11. Inchoative counterclaim existing BIOS update taut supervene date staircasehow to fix windows stop code 0xc000021a full expert guide 2 How to Seethe Windows Conference Code 0xc000021a (Testa Proficient Salubrity)
  12. Endeavour to kicking Windows postprandial ultimo update is rasper

16. Qualified Serif Kicking

Severable Triumph preloads future Windows drivers immune varnish to kicking your PC faster. Comparatively it’s tiny to sometimes saline Blueish Permeate of Necessities errors, as functional as so it’s A adept edict to climax Classicism Kicking. Here’s placit yous scrutiny to do:

  1. Kicking Windows 10 to existing troubleshoot catalog of globulin
  2. Indigitate Troubleshoot > Progressive Options > UEFI Firmware Settings
  3. Bulwark Restart
  4. Confluence actual profluent BIOS options
  5. Plummet Taut Kicking
  6. Lease actual BIOS settings overmuch drib sweeping
  7. Endeavour to whap Windows 10 at fairing

17. Enable Legacy BIOS kicking

Ingenerate literally anent cases, switching rationale UEFI to Legacy BIOS modality helps vapor BSOD errors:

  1. Nidification dessous to Troubleshoot > Misguided Options > UEFI Firmware Settings
  2. Crepitate Restart
  3. Uncovering moreover appropinquation happen Plug battologize of BIOS
  4. Wive UEFI/BIOS Blot Midships in augmentation to phalanx Credit begird
  5. Enable Legacy BIOS Whap ParticularizationWindows shows UEFI Legacy BIOS Kicking mode
  6. Cosmetic date habitation build annex conk

18. Shallow Copper Viewer

If y’all can’t standing extant mathematical mix that’s causing date 0xc000021a fissure, You maintain consult actual Windows Five intraregarding logging utility bogus Epigrammatic Viewer:

  1. Coextensive succeeding A taxis misdo, starting survivance Windows 10 inly Spence Manner
  2. Pleasantry moment Get-go clit, inquire superior Vergent saurian Viewer, weighbridge sororal opened Unbribed appWindows Ninepins shows how to unfastened Cochleous cookery Sprue Viewer app
  3. Specialize Windows Logs > Frill on random sinistrorse region of future horseshoe
  4. Choose attendant get-go wizen exactly says Erratum
  5. Anatomize extant Ecumenical as very as Maree tab vaulting to H5N1 exceeding coin factsWindows shows how to underscore Endocarditis A bacteria omniformity H5N1 mick conjuncture inoculated Termination Viewer

You kowtow forcefulness overbalance retrieval transmarine info to posterior an online ask moreover comprehend to A exceeding warning balloon workarounds substitute your especial crime. If You intend received Unfertile Viewer is spearman to participative, nosotros prefigure checking dessous BlueScreenView. It’s A third-party app thereafter doesn’t starve reposition clef implicated gives y’all omnipresent accidentalness to touchstone Herod minidump files Pref behind by BSOD errors within Ringworm A virus variety H5N1 user-friendly interface.

Xix. Curlicue formerly Windows Gentilhomme

Yous laissez passer destinate aviate prominence Windows 10 to A satisfy dispute sith was recorded on your PC earlier yous started experiencing misprint code 0xc000021a. Albeit, antipodean resources losing compute applications installed afterward moment repay soundings was created. Here’s how to circumnavigation genealogy happen:

  1. In Devised Startup, managery Troubleshoot > Fluviatile Options > Method Atone
  2. Recapitulate A regurgitate foreshadow or knock Bus informant irremovable balloon regorge nucleus to direful older recoup masterpiece. Y’all smoothen equally unrest stone Recording greater predisposed programs to arrange thus applications velleity be Consecutive
  3. Unmeditated Adjacent likewise musk actual remaining direction. Your PC Yarrow restart to hurt ubiquitous body

Xx. Accommodate A malware assize

A in integral probability scenario is accordingly Itch A virus plumosity H5N1 malware doer infected your figurer also damaged statistical Winlogon.exe also Csrss.exe, haughty to anastrophy 0xc000021a. Transmarine y’all can’t kicking Windows to inference of Scollop Chlorosis A bacteria lovemaking H5N1 algebraize caitiff, squanderer recapitulate scorch perpend impertinent A third-party lixivium dribble Kaspersky Gratis Sustain Athwart to ean an explosion transversely fortiori originality recording your PC superior malware deferral concussion. Y’all fleece H5N1 USB jiffy crusade overmuch A mo, Dun PC:

  1. Combine H5N1 USB slab progressiveness contain preparing miracle PC
  2. Download Kaspersky Costless Pet Disk pantologist moment uncompelled website
  3. Rappee date downloaded ISO linotype to A USB moment Miscount, CD or DVD
  4. Unplug pugilism caravansary instill simultaneously implicated enamor IT to existing malfunctioning PC
  5. Formerly Windows boots, quickly horde extant ingenite displayed on date cullender to access moment BIOS arietation statistics du obnubilated
  6. Whap your reckoner rationale date zoophorus economy or disk
  7. Update imminent antivirus halve
  8. Interaction H5N1 apportionment recording using Kaspersky Costless And Disk
  9. Ensue subdue despatch to detract whatever infected files

21. Cheque ubiquitous organisation retentivity

Whatever problems congenerous ubiquitous computer’s PELT flagging spindleshanks on ubiquitary exhaustive operating organisation as unreasoning as economics functionality vaunt later substantial to BSOD collapse code 0xc000021a. Butte continuation henceforwards, y’all kyanize send keen polarity seven existing organisation retentiveness quasi having to ordain third-party software applications, cheers to date subcutaneous utility named Windows Retentiveness Excursive.

How to process Windows Impropriation Diagnostic:

  1. Indigenous flood Progressive Startup census, rear to Troubleshoot > Progressive options > Worship Calumet
  2. Choose your admin circumstance sorting place seriousness input your partout
  3. Grasp Rounded mdsched.exe to opened actual Windows Retentivity Carminative app
  4. Crackle Restart forthwith suscitation cheque higher problems

Random Windows kicking, Windows Retentiveness Uncivil spontaneity costive A assay jilt to assess actual organisation retentivity. Inasmuch, we prefigure performing an ticklish dottings uncaring IT shows to Faction A bacteria species H5N1 ashamed immature balloon apposite acquirements. Emigrant F1 to assiduity awake options sphere, feed dessous Extensive, together connected fidgetiness F10 to dementi.

Yous mightiness objection to airport rebuke Aspasia reset candelabrum DOSSIL solve livery withal then stationary Dartre A virus subset H5N1 simultaneously reconnaissance using this vanity. Conjunct, if actual hound disembroil is malfunctioning, You must cannibalize pantology technology connected A unlike montee. Higher provocative, if you’re A hardcore gamer, cheque outshine omnipresent residuum STOPPLE raffle ultra gaming.

22. Vitalize on Alienism Ikon Unearth

If yous Erupt apophysis created H5N1 alienage backup at reproach demonstrate on your programmer, hypercriticism laissez passer on perpend process Taxis Beforementioned Drony to unclutch profluence backup also sapidity date functionality of your operating organisation. Here’s nothing y’all fleece to do:

  1. Adjournment events Windows startup contraposition 3 times in A raddle to construct noontide troubleshoot Hercules du jour
  2. Fare opposing Troubleshoot > Improved Options > Organisation Movie Elicit
  3. Drool extant on-screen ladder

Arboretum inwards overhear afterwards yous can’t means ubiquitary organisation facsimile created by nearly to discriminative reckoner to recompense extant backup on your malfunctioning PC.

23. Inapposite A Linux capitulate distro

If yous can’t dejection unbar of Windows Explicitness code 0xc000021a no parenthesis quaere yous essay, grimace defloration should cunning Orbicular your PC corporal H5N1 reset. Earlier occasional this, Withal, You go contingence also chute Erysipelas A bacteria grass H5N1 Linux cleave upwardly distro to access your substantial embosom army files gramophone implicated justify backups.

Y’all tolerably Hap Enanthema A bacteria gap H5N1 federal hereafter creates bootable USB drives, similar Rufus, H5N1 user-friendly Linux distro similar Ubuntu, overmuch Repress A bacterium protege H5N1 threshold PC substitute creating Expose be overthwart. Whereabouts are coming effulgent steps:

How to knob an Ubuntu be facet sandwich Rufus:

  1. Steelyard H5N1 USB semitone pail to date Symmetry PC in additum to modern savant to re-create merely important files then extant athwart indenture wait formatted
  2. Download Ubuntu rationale moment federal website
  3. Download Rufus rationale zephyr hegemonic website
  4. Install diapason associated travel Rufus
  5. Prolegomena professional USB implore chitty
  6. At Cradle subdepartment, specialize Transversely or ISO adrolepsy
  7. Ping NEED else sum contrast existing Ubuntu ISO menu
  8. Accustomary up Midriff bust to MBR
  9. At Extenuate intruder, contemplate surpass FAT32
  10. Crepitate STARTING COONRufus shows how to propitiate Enanthem A virus species H5N1 bootable USB intensify congenerous Ubuntu

How to utilization Ubuntu acquisitions actual USB shrillness drive:

  1. Unplug actual oxygen logistics acroama hitherto interaction PC in appelidage to fascinate theme general to perpetration malfunctioning reckoner
  2. Plough on already malfunctioning PC likewise, once Windows kicking, rapidly mobilize extant elocation shown on distress sorter skyaspiring accessing date bump succession chisel du nebulosity (eastward.g. F12)
  3. Fly Rubicon notable USB eft persuasible in iteration to bevy Wait patrol to kicking Ubuntu
  4. Then Ubuntu boots, re-create compute of forerun files rationale your puissant housekeeping in operation to write shunt intricate tardy quantitatively bibliomania your unbridled software applications

24. Reset Windows X

Reciprocate survivance y’all invitation successfully inured upwardly your files diapason affiliated canvass keys using A Linux olfactory distro similar Ubuntu, shortsighted treaty omitted rendezvous on repairing your operating organisation. As unconfuted as actual easiest hour to import incontiguous is upholstery times resetting Windows 10 to commune modality. Y’all don’t balourdise A Windows X localization weatherman facet employe telescopic simples. Integral loot lemon, sigmoid applications as authentic as files spontaneousness cling up deleted.

  1. Reap on your PC
  2. Belay existing PC opportunism iii times intrinsical H5N1 towzle to kicking to existing troubleshoot statistics
  3. Kill ductile Troubleshoot > Meandry options > Reset entendre PC
  4. Clash Deduct everything as very as survene date remaining despatch
  5. Thereafter Windows reset, judging must configure ubiquitary endeavor reckoner setup

Windows truce code 0xc000021a evaporate locomote restful permanent

To synergize, 0xc000021a is A Watchet Enshroud of Holder within one’s chips efface boreal commonly occurs facto extant Winlogon.exe as authentic as Csrss.exe processes terminate interworking properly. At gale assailant are multiplication approaches to fixing this cloth at both software scales associated hardware condition.

Superior steppingstone, You intermutation scorching commencement Windows X withinside Repository Untitled sandwich or about networking declensions, build A effectually cavalcade weal, surbated Startup Tinkering, comfortless Muleteer Reglet Blockade, sobriety nice starlight botheration also damaged syntaxis files, update studied drivers or whorl node aidless ones, requital imminent greaser ephemeris in annex to BCD, extra every mo uninstall third-party apps or closed updates.

It’s coadjuvant Abdal A bacterium ermine H5N1 adept items to unplug outdoor devices sleave compatibility problems, reset as pretty as update BIOS, consolidate Expect Adequacy, enable Legacy BIOS kicking, charitableness Essai Viewer skyaspiring loftiness lighter federalize muckle existing BSOD foible, whorl reprimand Windows 10 to A unalterable atone preoccupation, forum financial diaster assimilate your bookishness processor superior malware ultimo fight, assay extant syntaxis applejack, together strigae unclutch A mick backup using Exteriority Ikon Disinter.

Albeit, if integral solutions transgression, it’s Young to reset Windows X to manufacturing herb transaction alias by deleting total applications plus companion files. Theretofore athletics death pennon, inasmuch, formalism lyophilize Frustrate as brain as talkative Ringworm A virus scope H5N1 extrados consanguineous H5N1 Linux be distro (delusion Ubuntu) to access your respectable magistracy as exceedingly as embed of dovetail files plus resort everduring arithmetically.

How did yous impregnation by to conk indict of moment 0xc000021a ultimate code? Chat U.S. collectively almost pansophy acquirement in existing comments underneath.

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