Title: A Guide to Sharing and Downloading Cloud PC Restore Points

Similar to your local Windows PC, you have the ability to create restore points on your Cloud PC and even copy them to an Azure Storage Account. This article will guide you on how to share and download Cloud PC Restore Points.

Restore points are useful for recovering a PC to a previously working condition, whether it’s on a local or Windows 365 Cloud PC. You may want to share a Cloud PC and its contents in order to create a geographically distributed copy, make a copy during the off-boarding process, get a historical view for eDiscovery, or create a VHD that can be mounted on a physical device.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Prerequisites:

– A Cloud PC with restore points

– An account that can manage Cloud PCs and has access to the Azure subscription (and create a storage account)

2. Share a single restore point:

– Sign into the Microsoft Intune admin center.

– Navigate to Devices > All devices > select a device > select the ellipses (…) > Share (preview).

– In the Select restore point (preview) area, choose a Subscription and Storage account.

– Select Share (preview).

– A folder will be created in the storage account with the same name as the Cloud PC. It will contain a VHD copy of the Cloud PC device disk.

3. Share multiple restore points:

– Sign into the Microsoft Intune admin center.

– Navigate to Devices > All devices > Bulk Device Actions.

– On the Basics page, select the following options:

– OS: Windows

– Device action: Share Cloud PC restore point to storage (preview)

– Specify date and time: Choose a date and time for the Cloud PC restore point you want to share.

– Select restore point time range: Choose one of the following options:

– Before specified date and time

– After specified date and time

– Whichever is closest (before or after specified date and time)

– Choose a Subscription and Storage account > Next.

– On the Devices page, select the Cloud PCs you want to share restore points for > Select > Next.

– On the Review + create page, confirm your choices > Create.

– A folder will be created in the storage account for each Cloud PC restore point shared. Each folder will contain a VHD copy of the Cloud PC device disk.

4. Download the restore point from the storage account:

– Sign in to the Azure portal.

– Go to the Storage accounts.

– Click on the storage account you used earlier.

– Click on Storage browser from the menu.

– From the Storage browser, select Blob containers to get an overview of the content.

– Click on the item to view the .VHD file and get more information.

– Click the Download button in the ribbon to start the download.

– Once the download is complete, use Hyper-V to create a new VM with the downloaded disk. You may need to convert the disk type from .VHD to .VHDX using the PowerShell command provided in the article.

To restore from a Windows Cloud backup, follow these steps:

– Sign into the Microsoft Intune admin center > Devices > Windows 365 > All Cloud PCs > choose the Cloud PC to restore.

– Select Restore (preview) > under Select restore point, choose the point you want to restore to > Select.

– In the confirmation dialog box, select Restore.

Windows 365 has a limit of 10 restore points for Frequency of restore-point service. Choosing a shorter frequency will result in a shorter overall history of restore points.

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