Top Software for Controlling Brightness on Multiple Monitors in Windows 11/10

If you have multiple monitors and want to adjust their brightness, Windows’ built-in tool won’t cut it. Fortunately, there are several free Multi-Monitor brightness control apps available for Windows 11/10 that make the task easy. Here are five of the best:

1. Monitorian: This app automatically detects both displays connected to your PC and allows you to change the brightness on each monitor individually or in unison. While Monitorian is free, some advanced features require payment if you have more than four monitors connected.

2. Twinkle Tray Brightness Slider: This tool supports DDC/CI for external displays and allows users to adjust the display brightness of multiple monitors connected to the PC. It also supports hotkeys and shortcuts and has an Idle detection feature to reduce brightness after a set period.

3. Dimmer: This portable app detects all monitors linked to your system and assigns a brightness slider to each, allowing you to adjust the brightness in unison or individually.

4. BrightnessSlider: This lightweight, portable tool stays in the system tray after launch but lacks the unison feature found in other apps.

5. PangoBright: This app presents percentages instead of a slider and allows users to change the tint color of their monitors.

Microsoft notes that you can only control the brightness on monitors with built-in hardware drivers, while external displays require separate brightness adjustment buttons. However, apps like Twinkle Tray and Monitorian make it easy to adjust the brightness on multiple monitors at once.

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