Waiting for browser.events.data.msn.com: Edge

Do you find it frustrating to see the message “Waiting for browser.events.data.msn.com” or “assets.msn.com” appear when you launch Microsoft Edge? This can delay your ability to use the browser for a few seconds. When you launch Edge, it attempts to connect to a Microsoft-related website, causing this message to appear on the bottom left of the browser. This means that the browser has requested information from the website you want to visit and is waiting for a response. If the response time is slow, the website takes longer to load and may become stuck.

Before we explore solutions to this issue, let’s first discuss what “Waiting for browser.events.data.msn.com” means. The URL “browser.events.data.msn.com” is a type of tracking URL or Telemetry domain. Microsoft collects data through a Telemetry system for diagnostic purposes, but no personal information is collected. However, on a cold start, Edge may become unusable at times due to this message. In addition to “browser.events.data.msn.com,” there are several other tracking URLs, as seen on GitHub.

Here are some solutions that may help you resolve this issue:

1. Clear cache and cookies regularly in Edge.

2. Use InPrivate mode in Edge, which does not save browsing history and disables extensions.

3. Disable tracking extensions in Edge and check if the problem persists.

4. Turn off the “Optional Diagnostic Data” setting in Windows 11/10 to disable the “browser.events.data.msn.com” request in Edge.

5. Change your Home page settings in Edge to “Custom” and select “Content off” in the Content drop-down.

6. Make Edge open all new tab pages blank by entering “about:blank” in the address bar.

7. Modify the Registry or Group Policy settings to change the level of diagnostic and usage data being sent to Microsoft.

8. Delete and block MSN-related cookies in Edge.

9. Block URLs via the Hosts file to prevent Edge from making requests to Telemetry-related URLs.

To clear browsing data in Edge, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. To fix Edge browser problems, try clearing cache and cookies, disabling extensions, or resetting Edge.

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