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How to block a driver update on Windows 10

Driver updates are fairly common on any desktop operating system. Some driver updates are bundled with major and/or minor OS updates while others download individually whenever they’re available. Driver updates aren’t as critical as security updates so it’s okay if you skip them or don’t install them immediately. In some …

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How to flip a video on Windows 10 with Handbrake

Editing a video is easy if all you want to do is trim it a bit, or extract a frame from it. For other more complicated edits such as cropping a video, or even flipping it, your average video editor won’t do the job. Fortunately, there’s Handbrake. It’s feature rich, …

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How to boot macOS in safe mode

macOS sandboxes apps but it cannot be as restrictive about which apps are installed on it as iOS is. This means that while it is difficult to install something malicious enough to hijack your Mac, it is nevertheless still possible. Additionally, malicious apps aren’t the only problem a Mac user …

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