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How to calculate area on Google Maps

When you use Google Maps for navigation, it gives you an accurate measure of how far you’ll be traveling. The distance is not vector distance; it takes into account the route you’ll be taking. It stands to reason that if Google Maps can accurately measure distance, it should also be …

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How to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu 19.10 has recently been released. It’s an amazing release, filled with the latest Gnome Shell, newer drivers, and even some excellent features such as ZFS on root, easy media sharing, screen sharing and more. In this guide, we’ll go over how to upgrade your Ubuntu PC to the new …

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How to change the language in Chrome

Browsers, much like operating systems on desktops and mobiles, support multiple languages. Some browsers may only support a handful of common languages while others may support more. Chrome is unique in that it’s a Google product and Google also owns Android which is a mobile operating system available in lots …

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