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How to play YouTube from the lock screen on iOS

The YouTube app stops playing if you lock your phone. On Android, this is fairly simple to work around because the OS doesn’t have that many restrictions and apps can work around them. On iOS, the options are limited unless you jailbreak your phone but not many people jailbreak iPhones …

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How To Hide The Notch On Android Phones

The iPhone X notch, as terrible a design aspect as it is, is being copied by Android phone manufacturers. There is a fair number of phones coming out that have their very own notch and it’s safe to say that all sense has left this planet. The notch seems to …

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How To Go Live With Friends On Instagram

Instagram’s Live broadcast feature is quite popular. Brands and ordinary people alike use the feature to stream events, big and small, to their followers. It’s become quite popular over time and Instagram has been improving it slowly ever since. You can save an Instagram live video and make it available …

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