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How to install BricsCAD Shape on Linux

BricsCAD is a professional-grade architectural design program, aimed at making mechanical and structural designs quick and straightforward. The program supports many useful features, such as “Blockify” (search and clone existing entities in a drawing), a PDF importing tool, adaptive entity snapping, and more! Here’s how to install BricsCAD Shape on …

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How to enable color blindness screen filters on macOS

Color blindness is a vision impairment that isn’t as easy to correct as myopia or hyperopia. There are special glasses available that offer people with color blindness a way to see corrected colors but they’re limited in their availability and they’re not cheap. Fortunately, color blindness is something that’s somewhat …

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How to set up the Bubble GTK theme on Linux

Bubble is a variant of the famous Arc GTK theme. It looks very similar to Arc in a lot of ways in the overall design. However, the Bubble GTK theme is not Arc’s identical twin. For starters, the Bubble GTK theme offers users a Mac OS style window control buttons. …

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