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How To Get The Nun Snapchat Lens

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are two exceptionally popular TV shows that have used Snapchat lenses to promote an upcoming season in their respective series. They’ve both had lenses go viral and the latest company that’s getting into Snapchat lenses is Warner Brothers. They’ve introduced a Nun Snapchat …

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How To Change Your Whatsapp Security Code

Whatsapp encrypts chat messages so that no one can get backdoor access to them. It does this through an encryption key which is kept hidden. For users, this encryption key appears as a security code that they can use to verify that chats are indeed encrypted. The encryption is enabled …

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How to create Emoji Mini in Google Keyboard

Personalized emoji, whether you call it memoji, or something else, are becoming a thing. The little yellow heads are still popular but users like to see themselves as these little cartoon characters. Maybe it has something to do with how popular Bitmoji have been. Google has released something called Emoji …

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