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How to install the Newaita icon theme on Linux

For Gnome users on Linux, the default icon theme is known as “Adwaita.” This default icon theme consists of brown folders and custom program icons for the Gnome family of applications. Out of the box, the Adwaita icon theme doesn’t look too bad on the Gnome desktop, because over the …

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How to downgrade Ubuntu to a previous version

Every six months, Ubuntu Linux has a new release available for download. These releases appear in April and October. Usually, Ubuntu releases go off with almost no issue. However, occasionally, problems occur in the form of unforeseen bugs and other errors in software code. If you’ve ever run into these …

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How to change text color for signs in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world where you can make just about anything if you’re creative enough. The world does have its rules but you’ll be surprised to learn how players work around them, and the little hidden tricks the game has for players to discover to this day. It’s ten …

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