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How to delete search history from Chrome

Chrome uses your search history to help you enter search queries faster. You may need to search for the same thing over and over again, and in that case, this feature is incredibly useful. In other cases, once you no longer need that particular search query, it just becomes noise …

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How to patch Dropbox for Linux PCs that don’t use Ext4

The Dropbox syncing service released an update in late 2018 for Linux that dropped support for all file-systems on Linux aside from Ext4. For the average user, this probably isn’t a huge deal. Linux users on average don’t use lesser-known, file-systems (BtrFS, XFS). Furthermore, the Ubuntu installer, along with Fedora, …

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How to automatically shut down on idle on Windows 10

Your computer goes to sleep if it’s idle for a certain amount of time. You can also set the system to enter hibernate mode if you prefer it over sleep mode. That said, people do still shut down their systems and if you tend to forget, you can automatically shut …

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