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How To Disable The Bixby Button On Samsung Galaxy Phones

Bixby is now part and parcel with Samsung’s flagship devices starting from the Galaxy S8. The new Galaxy Note 8 also features the Bixby button. In the presence of so many virtual assistants on the Play Store, very few of which can match the performance of Google Now, one might be …

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How To Use YouTube Incognito Mode On Android

Incognito mode is something you find in browsers. It’s used when you want to keep your browsing private. It helps when you don’t want your search results to be impacted by whatever it is you’re searching for. All browsers, even mobile ones, have an incognito mode but on mobile, most …

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How To Fix ADB Device Unauthorized Message On Android

You use ADB tools when you need to root your Android device, or communicate with it in any way. ADB tools are free and fairly easy to use even if you’re rooting or accessing your device for the first time. That said, because there are so many different Android devices …

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