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How To Sort Data In Rows In Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet app. It lets you process a substantial amount of data. You can sort it, apply formulas, and use conditional formatting to make it easier to read. Add to this the many types of graphs it supports and you can get a lot done with …

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How to send meeting invitations in Outlook 2016

Outlook’s meeting invites are a great way to make sure everyone knows when and where a meeting is, and to RSVP to them. If you’re using Outlook, accepting a meeting invite will enable reminders that will tell you when it’s about to start. If you’re the one sending the invites, …

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How To Enable Music Controls In Google Maps

The Google Maps apps has added a new feature that allows you to control music playback while you’re using it. It’s meant for when you’re using the app to guide you to a location and you also want to listen to music. These controls aren’t enabled by default so, even …

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