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[FIX] Windows 10 No Sound: Why Is There No Sound?

Sound devices work out of the box. You might need a driver for some devices to work but Windows 10 will install them automatically so that you won’t hear anything other than the chime that indicates new hardware has been found. This goes for devices that you plug into the …

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FIX Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen [Working Solutions]

When you first install Windows 10, or when you update it, you will see the ‘Hi’ and the ‘Just a few moments’ screens quite a few times. Windows 10 will also tell it’s getting things ready. These messages tell the user that there is something going on, and that the …

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How to view battery for Bluetooth devices on macOS

macOS lets you view the Bluetooth battery percentage for connected devices. The devices that it supports are very limited. It supports Apple devices mostly i.e., Airpods, trackpads, keyboards, and it supports select Beats headphones but the list is small and unlikely to grow any time soon. For non-Apple devices, you …

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