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How to disable auto-fit text in Microsoft PowerPoint

A good presentation is consistent and uniform in the way it presents information. That’s why it’s always a good idea to stick to the same font, the same color scheme, and the same font size for all your slides. If you use PowerPoint to make your presentations, you probably know …

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How To Create Custom Quick Parts In MS Word

MS Word has a neat feature called ‘Quick Parts’. Quick parts let you insert items like the author’s name or other document attributes inside the document itself. On the surface of it, the feature seems like something you use to enter just that; document attributes. That’s not true. You can …

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How To Delete A Horizontal Line In MS Word

In MS Word, if you type three dashes in a row, and tap the Enter key, a horizontal line is inserted in its place. This horizontal line is stubborn; it’s almost impossible to add any text before it and it can’t be deleted with either the backspace or delete keys. …

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How To Group Pictures And Shapes In MS Word

You can group shapes in MS Word. It’s an easy way to create diagrams and charts in the word processor and manage them all easily. Grouping multiple shapes allows you to apply the same formatting to them in one go, and it’s easier to move them without messing up their …

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How To Add In-Document Links In MS Word

When you paste a web link inside an MS Word document, it is automatically recognized as a hyperlink. You can choose to paste a link, or you can add a link to a word or phrase. It’s about as easy as inserting an image. You can also add in-document links …

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How To Diagonally Split A Cell In MS Word

MS Excel and MS Word both come with table styles. Depending on the colors you pick for your document and/or spreadsheet, the table styles appear in corresponding colors. You might have noticed that some table styles allow you to split a cell diagonally. This is usually the first cell in …

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