Fraser Point ~ Let the Games Begin!

Published on 09 Jun 2019 / In Gaming

When dad Spirit flies in with a small fish, the triplets all charge him for breakfast, but it's the youngest that manages to come away with the prize. It tries to mantle, but without feathers, it's kinda difficult to do. It tries to swallow it whole, but one of the others grabs it back and a game of tug-o-war begins. When the older chick chases the youngest off to the right, it leaves the fish unguarded, so the 3rd eaglet comes in to try to eat it. They engage in their own game of tug-o-war. Meanwhile, the youngest sneaks inbetween the two and snatches the fish back. Seconds later dad Spirit arrives with another fish and begins feeding. The youngest hurries up & swallows the first fish whole and joins the others in the feeding. All of a sudden, the youngest sees its chance and grabs the fish away from dad. With Spirit and the other two chicks watching in disbelief, the youngest swallows this one whole also. Hooray for #3! It knows how to play the game! So funny!

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