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How to copy a folder structure on Windows 10

When you copy and paste folders, all the files, and sub-folders are copied with it. The files all remain in their respective sub-folders, as they should. If you don’t need to copy files but just need to replicate a folder structure without manually creating the folders, you should use Xcopy. …

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How to delete a folder action on macOS

Folder Actions are a type of script that you can create on macOS with Automator. They’re useful actions that are specific to folders. You can create a folder action that will run when a new file is added to a certain folder, or when a file is deleted from it. …

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How to delete the WindowsApps folder on Windows 10

There are many folders on your Windows drive that you cannot access and/or delete. These are normally system folders and deleting them or modifying them could break the OS. Some of these folders can be deleted without damaging the OS but due to their nature, they’re protected. The WindowsApps folder …

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How to delete the $GetCurrent folder on Windows 10

Residual problems with a Windows 10 update tend to drag on. You might discover something wrong with your installation months after you’ve upgraded. Windows 10, as of version 1903, now reserves storage space for updates. As it turns out, that’s not the only bit of space Windows 10 is taking …

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