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How to install a Mail Plugin on macOS

The macOS Mail app is an app that supports plugins, and quite a few useful ones have been developed for it. These plugins install in a lot of different ways. Those that are distributed as packages are easy to install; you only have to run the installer and it will …

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How to download YouTube videos on macOS

YouTube tends to block apps that can download videos from the website. One tool that’s been used to download videos from YouTube for a long time is youtube-dl but it’s a command-line tool and not everyone is comfortable using one. If you want to download YouTube videos on macOS, you …

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How to take live photos in FaceTime on macOS

Live photos can be captured on a Mac. There’s a built-in camera app in macOS that you can use to capture them but, you can also take live photos in FaceTime. The photos will be taken of whoever is calling you and you will not be in them. Here’s how …

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How to move the Spotlight search bar on macOS

The Spotlight search bar opens in the center of the screen. If you’ve used Macs all your life, you’re probably used to it always being in the center. Even if you do not like it taking up that spot, you may still have learned to live with it obstructing your …

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How to highlight the mouse cursor on macOS

The cursor on macOS can be enlarged and it’s generally easier to view given it has a solid border to it. Unless your cursor is very small, and you have an exceptionally high-resolution screen, chances are you won’t lose the cursor. Even if you do, you can shake your mouse …

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