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How to disable hardware acceleration Chrome

Chrome, and browsers in general, are able to interact with and use other peripherals connected to your system. The mouse and keyboard are obvious examples but a browser can also access your mic, speakers, and webcam if you allow it to. Some browsers also support hardware acceleration which allows them …

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How to disable automatic updates in Chrome on Windows 10

Chrome updates automatically but not invisibly. A new update will normally download in the background but it will install when you quit and open the browser again. Once a new update to the browser has been downloaded, you can’t avoid upgrading to it unless you’re willing to leave Chrome open …

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How to enable Windows spell checker in Chrome

Spell check as a feature is available on most desktop and mobile platforms. In some cases, apps that are multi-purpose and exceptionally popular will add their own spell checker. Chrome has one and it’s pretty good considering it uses the same AI that is used on Android. Chrome runs on …

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How to view the Chrome cache on Windows 10

Chrome used to have two dedicated URLs that you could visit from inside Chrome to view its cache. Those two URLs have been removed leaving users with no easy way to view the Chrome cache. The URLs were removed due to a bug and they don’t seem likely to make …

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How to highlight the active tab in Chrome

Chrome lets you customize the color of its UI. You can do so freely and it’s a quick way to create a Chrome theme. The customization tool in Chrome allows you to pick one color, and then shades of it are used for the tabs’ bar. It looks good aesthetically …

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How to disable JavaScript in Chrome

A common hack to get around pop-ups that block websites e.g. sign-in or sign-up prompts is to disable JavaScript. The prompt appears because of it and if you disable it from running in your browser, it will no longer be able to block access to the website. While it’s easy …

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