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How To Change The Style For All Tables In Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word lets you apply the formatting to large snippets of text enmasse. You can copy the formatting applied to one bit of text, and apply it to entire paragraphs and sections with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t hold true for tables. If you want to change …

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How To Create Custom Heading Styles In MS Word

MS Office apps have color themes. They’re most noticeable in PowerPoint when you have to select a color theme for a presentation style. They exist in Word as well but you won’t know unless you insert a table, add a shape, or a heading. The color of a heading depends …

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How to enable autocorrect for Math on Microsoft Word

Typing scientific, or mathematical symbols in Microsoft Word is pretty simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Microsoft Word has a dedicated symbols box that has almost every symbol you might ever need to use in a document. Opening the symbols box each time you need to insert a symbol …

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How To Install Fonts For Microsoft Word On Windows 10

Microsoft Word gives you a considerably large list of fonts to use in your documents. For professional and/or academic use alone, it offers quite a few reasonably good fonts including the universally accepted Arial and Times New Roman fonts. It also has a Microsoft developed font called Calibri which is …

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How To Disable Pick Up Where You Left Off In MS Word

MS Word has a neat ‘Pick up where you left off’ feature. When you close a document, Word bookmarks the exact location you were last working on within that file. It does so by identifying where the cursor was when you closed the document. When you open it again, Word …

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How To Change Multiple Heading Levels In MS Word

Microsoft lets you add headings to your document. These headings aren’t just specially formatted text i.e. your heading isn’t a heading because it’s bigger in font size, and is a different color. The headings in MS Word are a document element that is used to build the table of contents, …

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