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How to view and save the console log in a browser

When you interact with a website, there’s a lot going on behind the UI that you see. For everything that you click on, the website communicates with a server to show you the information that you want. When a website doesn’t respond the way it should, you need to examine …

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How to mute an email address in Gmail

Gmail has a feature that lets you mute an email thread or conversation. This allows you to disable notifications for emails that you’re a recipient of but that have nothing to do with you. The messages still arrive in your inbox and you can go read them whenever you want. …

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How to record audio from a tab in Chrome

We’ve covered how you can record audio from an app on Windows 10, and on macOS. The process on both platforms is fairly simple and in both cases, you have to use a desktop app to reroute the audio. If you’re watching something in your browser, specifically in Chrome, and …

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How to disable automatic preview playback on Netflix

Netflix isn’t aggressive about pushing content but that doesn’t mean it won’t promote new content on its own website. You will get emails about new content that may interest you, emails that tell you a new season for a show that you’re watching has arrived, and you will also get …

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How to create a custom Chrome theme

You can download themes for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store. There is a fairly decent number of themes available but not enough variety that you’ll always find something you like. Chrome does let you create simple color-based themes from the new tab page, and you have the freedom to …

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