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How to change text color for signs in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world where you can make just about anything if you’re creative enough. The world does have its rules but you’ll be surprised to learn how players work around them, and the little hidden tricks the game has for players to discover to this day. It’s ten …

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How to compare text on Windows 10

Oversight when reading text is common enough; that’s how you get typos. When comparing text, this oversight tends to make it much harder to spot differences which is why there are hoards of apps out there that let you compare text. These apps may be basic and limited to plain …

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How to install Shaders for Minecraft UWP

Minecraft doesn’t have the fanciest, most high-end graphics. It is, after all, a game made of blocks however, users have been able to make it look much better than it does out of the box with texture packs. Texture packs are great but if you want to add a hyper-real …

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