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iPhone Wallpaper Size + 30 Great Wallpapers to Use

The iPhone models on the market and in use today vary in screen size. Apple used to have just the one size for its flagship phones but the demand for a larger screen eventually won out and now, you will see quite the variation in the screen size. Even iPhone …

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How to convert a live photo to a video [iOS]

Live photos are a concept that Apple introduced a while ago. They’re basically 2-second videos that are captured when you take a photo. The camera app starts recording just before you tap the capture button and often, you capture beautiful memories in the process. Live photos are videos but they …

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How to set up Face ID with a mask on iOS

Face masks have become common over the course of a month and they’re here to stay. In order for them to be effective, it is advised that you do not touch the mask frequently, especially the outside of it. What all this means is that you won’t be able to …

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How to get regular reminders to wash your hands on iOS

Hand sanitizers may have disappeared off the shelves amid the COVID-19 pandemic but they aren’t the most effective measure to keep you safe. Washing your hands is better. It’s only in the absence of soap and water that you should use hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean and germ-free. …

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How to get free Pokèballs during the lockdown

Pokèmon Go is a game that requires you go outside to play it which is a bit difficult given the lockdown in most places. You can turn on Adventure Sync and have your at-home movements count towards steps taken but that doesn’t allow you to visit Pokèstops or gyms which …

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