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How to fix iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

The iPhone camera isn’t just good; it’s one of the device’s major selling points that Apple brings up year-on-year. With each new model released, the camera on an iPhone is able to capture more and more detail, it has better zoom, and its wide-angle lens capture more pixels. Its night-mode …

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How to find an iPhone’s serial number

Apple admitted that it slows down iPhones as their battery ages and they’re upgraded to newer versions of iOS. It offered users a battery replacement program and tools to determine if their device had been slowed down for better performance. The company was ultimately sued for this practice which has …

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How to fix a stuck download on an iPhone

Any app that’s installed on an iPhone comes from the App Store. There are exceptions e.g., some apps may be distributed from TestFlight or from the Microsoft AppCenter but these are normally apps that are in private beta and are meant to be tested. Only a small group of users …

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How to crop video on iPhone

Advanced video editing software is easy to find if you’re editing on the desktop. You can find free apps to edit videos or you can buy premium ones that offer a more intuitive editing experience and powerful features. Videos are edited on the desktop often but they’re recorded either on …

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How to use the Web Inspector on Safari for iOS

Websites aren’t always accessed from a desktop system. Mobile devices have browsers too and they are used to access websites just as often, if not more, than on desktops. In rare cases, popular websites will have a mobile app but most websites do not have one. That’s why a website …

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iPhone Wallpaper Size + 30 Great Wallpapers to Use

The iPhone models on the market and in use today vary in screen size. Apple used to have just the one size for its flagship phones but the demand for a larger screen eventually won out and now, you will see quite the variation in the screen size. Even iPhone …

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