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How to install a plugin in QuickLook on macOS

QuickLook is an awesome macOS feature that lets you preview files. If you have lots of files to go through, you’ll find it to be exceptionally helpful. It supports a large number of file formats, and for formats it doesn’t support, you can install a plugin. You will, of course, …

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How to share the screen over the network between Macs

Screensharing between two computers is often a complicated process. macOS has a built-in feature that makes it incredibly easy to share your screen with other Macs on the network. Here’s how it works. Set up You need two things to share your screen over the network between two Macs. The …

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How to enable keyboard typing sounds on macOS

macOS provides audio feedback for lots of things e.g., when you move files to the trash, when you take a screenshot, or when you connect the power adapter to a MacBook. It also has a built-in option to give audio feedback when a key is pressed. This is an accessibility …

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