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How to enable the Facebook dark mode

Facebook for web has a new native dark mode and a brand new design. The new design, and the dark mode are slowly rolling out to users so you may, or may not have seen it yet. The new design is different, and it’s going to roll out to the …

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How to disable up next video on Facebook [Firefox]

Auto-playing videos have become a thing. Websites like Facebook and YouTube will automatically play the next, suggested video for you in a bid to keep you engaged (and unproductive). With YouTube, you can turn off auto-play for the next video but there’s no way to disable the up next video …

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How To Turn Off “On This Day” Memories On Facebook

Facebook has a feature called ‘On this day’, which basically shows you memories from the same day from previous years. This is, for the most part, a harmless feature that reminds you of the good times, lets you share them again, and gives you a simple way to find and …

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How To Find A Facebook Ad You Clicked On

Facebook ads have been under a lot of criticism as of late. It’s come to light that Facebook hasn’t been very selective, careful, or conscientious about the kinds of ads that are displayed on its network. Its targeting of these ads is also being heavily criticized and rightly so. That …

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How To Create A Featured Album On Facebook

Photo albums have become a staple feature on smartphones. They’re not a way to organize photos. If you look at iOS, they’ve taken on a more nostalgic function in the form of Memories. Facebook is home to one of the largest online photo collections. Unlike Flickr, the photos on Facebook …

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How To Report An Article On Facebook For Its Content

Facebook, and the content that’s shared on it has a problem. It doesn’t just border around fake news but also click-bait titles. Some pages use images  and titles that will get a reaction out of readers knowing full well that most people might not read the full article. There’s always …

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