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How to set up the NewsFlash RSS feed reader on Linux

Are you looking for a modern RSS reader for the Linux desktop to catch up on the latest news? Check out the NewsFlash app. It takes an old technology like RSS feeds and modernizes it into an excellent news consumption experience. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install …

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How to open crdownload file on Windows 10

Browsers can download files and some have fairly decent download managers built right into them. While you will find a download manager in most modern browsers, how a download is handled by the browser will differ from one browser to the others. The files, while they are downloading, have to …

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How to view apps preventing sleep on Windows 10

If you leave your Windows 10 system idle for a while, whether you’re on the desktop or your desktop is locked, it will eventually enter Sleep. This is a system preset where you do not have to set anything up though you can customize the idle timeout period or schedule …

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