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How to switch to a local update mirror in Linux Mint

If you use Linux Mint and notice that software updates take too long to download, you may live too far from the official update servers. To fix this, you’ll need to swap to a local update mirror in Linux Mint. This will allow you to update the OS faster. Swap …

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How to use Slack from the command-line on Linux

The official Slack client for Linux is pretty good. It works well, has a clean user interface, and is easy to set up. That said, if you primarily spend time on your Linux PC in the terminal, you may be wishing they had an official command-line app. Unfortunately, there isn’t …

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How to improve gaming performance on Linux with Feral GameMode

Feral Interactive has created an innovative program for Linux gamers known as GameMode. It’s an impressive tool that can improve performance while playing video games by optimizing several aspects of the Linux operating system, including the CPU governor, I/O priorities, GPU performance, and much more. Using GameMode on Linux requires …

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