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How to install OpenOffice on Linux

Not a fan of Libre Office on Linux? Are you looking to install Apache OpenOffice on your system instead? Follow along with this guide as we go over how to install OpenOffice on Linux. We’ve got detailed instructions for Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora, and OpenSUSE! Ubuntu/Debian instructions Apache’s Open …

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How to import Microsoft Office files in Google Docs

Web apps don’t really compare to desktop apps when it comes to features. This is because they rely on your browser and its capabilities to work. Even through browsers continue to improve with each version, they still can’t run desktop apps. That said, web apps aren’t useless and are in …

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How To Get A Dark Grey Theme In MS Office 2016

Productivity apps ensure that they are distraction free and that the interface they offer makes it easier for the average person to concentrate. Some of the best apps do this exceptionally well but what many will often neglect is make sure an interface doesn’t strain a user’s eyes. Very few …

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How To Change The Style For All Tables In Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word lets you apply the formatting to large snippets of text enmasse. You can copy the formatting applied to one bit of text, and apply it to entire paragraphs and sections with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t hold true for tables. If you want to change …

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PowerPoint: Add Text To A Slide During A Presentation

A presentation can have all types of audiences. There’s no rule that limits presentations to classrooms or meetings and boardrooms. A presentation is often a great and concise way to deliver information and it’s a useful tool in almost all professional settings. Presentations also don’t have to be one-sided lectures. …

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