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PowerPoint: Add Text To A Slide During A Presentation

A presentation can have all types of audiences. There’s no rule that limits presentations to classrooms or meetings and boardrooms. A presentation is often a great and concise way to deliver information and it’s a useful tool in almost all professional settings. Presentations also don’t have to be one-sided lectures. …

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How To Create A Screencast With Microsoft PowerPoint

There are a myriad of screencast tools available for Windows 10. Depending on your needs, you can use a feature rich tool like Camtasia or for more basic needs, you can try ScreenToGif. If you have to record something brief and you know you won’t need to edit it post …

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How To Add A Watermark To PowerPoint Presentations

Watermarks are a simple way to protect documents and images from being plagiarized. Sure, people can still find ways to get around it by tracing artwork or typing the contents of a document but that kind of stealing requires effort. It isn’t as instantaneous as clicking a download button and …

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How to disable auto-fit text in Microsoft PowerPoint

A good presentation is consistent and uniform in the way it presents information. That’s why it’s always a good idea to stick to the same font, the same color scheme, and the same font size for all your slides. If you use PowerPoint to make your presentations, you probably know …

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