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How to try the Regolith Linux desktop on Ubuntu

nsRegolith Linux sports an i3-based desktop environment that is designed to make i3 easy to use. It succeeds, and many can’t imagine using the i3 window manager without it! Regolith is built upon Ubuntu, so if you’re interested in trying the Regolith Linux desktop environment, there’s no need to clear …

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How to re-enable app indicators on Elementary OS

Elementary OS has a knack for removing useful features. One of the most glaring examples of removed features is “App Indicators,” a feature that allows users to view apps in the system tray on the panel. It’s understandable why the Elementary OS developers removed app indicator support from the desktop. …

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How to customize the Enlightenment window manager on Linux

The Enlightenment window manager (AKA desktop) is a lightweight environment for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. It runs on minimal system resources and prides itself on being very versatile, customizable, and fast. In this guide, we will show you how to customize the Enlightenment window manager so you can …

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How to install the Manjarin GTK theme on Linux

The Manjarin GTK theme is a modification of another theme by the name of Telinkrin. The purpose of this theme to help the Manjaro Gnome edition look better, but it’s not exclusive to Manjaro. The design of the GTK theme looks great and has vibrant colors of green, grey, and …

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How to save Mate desktop panel configs

The best way to backup your Mate desktop panel configuration for safekeeping is with the Mate Tweak utility. It’s a tool forked from Linux Mint’s MintDesktop tool, and it offers up an impressive UI that can fully backup how your panel is configured. Mate Tweak also offers up pre-set panel …

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