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How to install FFMPEG on Windows 10

FFMPEG is a collection of programs that can handle various audio and video encoding, recording, and conversion functions. It does a lot but it is a command-line tool which means there is no GUI for you to use it from. If you’re unfamiliar with how command-line tools work or unsure …

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How to recover a hijacked Chrome browser

A few years ago, installing the wrong app on the desktop, or the wrong extension in a browser was enough for it to be hijacked. Getting rid of malicious apps that did everything from changing browser settings to injecting ads, and manipulating search results wasn’t easy. Chrome was just as …

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How to get high CPU and RAM alerts on Windows 10

Keeping an eye on your system’s vitals is essential. You don’t have to worry about the CPU or the RAM usage if you’re running light apps like word processors or a web browser but for heavier apps like animation tools, games, video editors, or large database programs, you need to …

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