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How to download YouTube videos on iOS

Downloading YouTube videos on iOS is harder than you think it would be. It’s easy on a desktop OS but there aren’t any reliable apps that do the job and web apps don’t work that well on iOS. Thankfully, there are Shortcuts that make it easier. You have to find …

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How to watch YouTube in picture-in-picture mode on the iPad

YouTube Red is YouTube’s premium version which gives users access to exclusive content. It’s not exactly popular. In addition to exclusive content, YouTube Red also has a picture-in-picture mode that allows users to watch videos in a floating player on their devices. The feature is great but not really something …

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How to download YouTube videos on Windows 10

YouTube doesn’t like it when you download videos off the platform but sometimes, it’s the only way to watch a video offline. YouTube actively works to block apps that can download videos from it which is why it’s often best to use a desktop solution. Here’s how you can download …

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How to set up a YouTube live stream alert for a channel

YouTube added a live streaming feature a while ago. It was added to compete with Twitch though that didn’t quite work. Still, the live streaming feature is there and this year, Apple is going to be using it to stream its iPhone event. If you already follow Apple, or any …

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How To Use The YouTube Mini Player

On small screens, media players or websites that can play media often struggle with screen space. The Facebook apps are a good example of this. On older versions of the app, users were unable to scroll through their news feed if they were watching a video. Facebook rectified this by …

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How to screenshot YouTube videos [Firefox]

Screenshot tools are absurdly common both for the desktop and for browsers. In fact, you can even find tools that let you take screenshots of your desktop and entire websites from the terminal/command prompt. If you have a very specific screenshot need i.e., you need to screenshot YouTube videos, and …

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