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How to give apps accessibility access on macOS

Accessibility access allows apps to perform certain tasks on macOS that normal apps are restricted from. This allows many apps to overcome certain restrictions of the OS though before such an app can be run, a user must grant the app accessibility access. The apps that need this access often …

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How to check WiFi network security type on Windows 10

WiFi networks used in work places and homes are secured with a password. To an end user, that password is what security looks like. Open or public WiFi networks have no password and hence are unsafe but WiFi network security is more than just its password. The password is used …

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How to enable fingerprint scanner support on Linux

Fingerprint scanners are becoming a thing on many laptops as of late. It’s natural that this technology makes its way to the PC, given that it’s worked so well on smartphones. When it comes to Fingerprint scanner support on Linux, it’s hit and miss. Not all hardware manufacturers ship Linux drivers, …

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How To Enable Google Play Protect On Android

The Google Play Store, like the Apple App Store is plagued with counterfeit apps. Developers are known to create clones of popular apps, add ads, and wait for unsuspecting users to download them. This is of course one of the better scenarios with counterfeit apps. Developers may also inject malicious …

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