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How to install the Tela icon theme on Linux

The Tela icon theme is a colorful, flat icon theme for the Linux desktop. It takes a lot of inspiration from Papirus, and many other Linux icon themes following the same design trend. However, Tela sets itself apart by offering users beautiful, unique, and artistic icons. You won’t find this …

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How to install the Candy icon theme in Linux

Candy is an elegant, gradient style theme for the Linux desktop. It is colorful, and unique, and is unlike any other icon theme on the Linux platform. If you’re looking for a great new set of icons for your desktop and are sick of the popular themes, take a chance …

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How to install the Areeze icon theme on Linux

The Areeze icon theme is a slick re-colored spin on the default Breeze icon theme for KDE Plasma 5. Areeze intends to take the best aspects of the Breeze theme while matching other KDE themes such as Apollo and Ares. Areeze is first and foremost a KDE Plasma 5 icon …

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How to change the icon for an AppleScript on macOS

Icons don’t get the credit they deserve until you’re stuck looking at a particularly ugly one that tells you nothing about the item it belongs to. When made well, an icon is the simplest way to identify an item without even having to read its name. It stands to reason …

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How to install macOS Catalina icon theme on Linux

Do you want to change your boring Linux system icons to match the new, upcoming Apple macOS Catalina? If so, this guide is for you! Follow along as we go over how to install and set up the macOS Catalina icon theme on Linux! Download macOS Catalina icons The macOS …

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