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How to screen share on Discord on Windows 10

Discord’s userbase is cemented in the gaming sphere but you will find that plenty of people recommend using it for personal and work communications. Discord can’t compete with apps like Microsoft Teams but it’s a fairly good alternative to both Slack and Skype. Screen share on Discord Discord’s userbase tends …

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How to update Discord on Windows 10

Discord, like other apps, goes through multiple versions. Each new version either has more/new features or it fixes bugs in existing features. Regardless of the nature of the update, it’s a good idea to keep the Discord app up to date. An updated app will be safer, and more optimized …

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How to enable Discord overlay in game

Discord has an overlay that allows users to quickly view the app in a smaller window on the screen without exiting their game. It appears regardless if a game is running in windowed mode, or in fullscreen. The concept of an overlay is simple but many users have trouble enabling …

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How to record Discord voice calls on Linux

Discord is one of the most popular VOIP/Video communication applications in 2019. Ever since the app was made available on Linux, support for the Linux platform has gotten better. However, there’s still no built-in way to save calls in the Linux app. Instead, if you’d like to save your Discord …

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4 Discord alternatives for Linux gamers

Discord is the king of communication with gaming. Even on Linux, most people use it. It’s no secret why! The app provides users with unlimited free personal servers, unlimited chat channels, voice channels, multimedia support, and more! While Discord is getting all the love as everyone’s favorite gaming chat app, …

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