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How to set up Arc Menu in Gnome Shell

Arc Menu is a dynamic, beautiful application menu for the Gnome Shell desktop environment. It has a search function, file system shortcuts, and even allows users to add favorite apps for easy access. If you’re sick of using the default application browser for the Gnome Shell desktop, follow along with …

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How to sync Firefox with the Gnome web browser

Gnome’s browser (called Web) is an excellent little open-source browser that ships as the default browser of choice for Gnome Shell. It’s very quick and slimmed down compared to a lot of other modern web browsers available in the mainstream for Linux users (like Google Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, etc.). Web …

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5 best Gnome-based Linux distributions to check out

Gnome (AKA Gnome 3 or Gnome Shell) is the third iteration of the Gnome desktop environment. Its user-interface is split into a panel at the top, and a favorites dock on the left. Gnome is currently the most popular Linux desktop environment, and most major Linux distributions ship with it …

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How to fix a broken Gnome login screen on Linux

The Gnome login screen usually works flawlessly, as it is a beautiful piece of software with an excellent team behind it. However, even great tools have their bad days and stop working. So, in this guide, we’re going to go over how to fix a broken Gnome login screen on …

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How to fix a frozen Gnome desktop session

Lots of people are using Gnome Shell these days, as many mainstream Linux projects are adopting the desktop environment as their default user interface. Overall, this is a good move, as Gnome is reliable, easy to use, and getting faster with every release. However, even great desktops like Gnome have …

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