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How to calculate area on Google Maps

When you use Google Maps for navigation, it gives you an accurate measure of how far you’ll be traveling. The distance is not vector distance; it takes into account the route you’ll be taking. It stands to reason that if Google Maps can accurately measure distance, it should also be …

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How To Use Google Maps In Siri Shortcuts On iOS 12

Apple Maps has improved quite a bit since it was first introduced but it’s not yet ready to rival Google Maps. Apple has grown somewhat flexible about allowing users to use Google Maps over its own Maps app. You can now, for example, use Google Maps in CarPlay. It stands …

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How To Measure Distance With Google Maps App

When you look up directions in Google Maps, it gives you an ETA i.e. an estimated time of arrival, and it tells you how far your destination is. In some cases, it will tell you if there’s heavy traffic that could make the trip longer. This works for properly identified …

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How To Search A Specific Area In Google Maps

When you look up a location on Google Maps, you can enter as much information about it as you know. If you only know the name of an establishment, that will often be enough. Any additional information, such as the street or neighborhood it’s in, can be added alongside the …

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How to share trip progress in Google Maps

Much like a watched pot never boils, a friend you’re waiting for takes forever to arrive. If you’re going to meet a friend some place, and you’re driving there, chances are you get quite a few messages asking how much longer before you arrive. Google Maps has a new feature …

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How To Enable Music Controls In Google Maps

The Google Maps apps has added a new feature that allows you to control music playback while you’re using it. It’s meant for when you’re using the app to guide you to a location and you also want to listen to music. These controls aren’t enabled by default so, even …

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