How to add/remove widgets in Notification Center on macOS

macOS has widgets that appear in the Notification Center. Some come out-of-the-box on the operating system, others can be added by third-party apps that you install. Of course, these widgets aren’t allowed to litter the notification center at will. Users have to enable them unless they’re stock widgets which are already enabled. That said, regardless if a widget is a stock widget or added by a third-party, here’s how you can add/remove widgets in Notification Center.

Add/remove widgets in Notification Center

Click the Notification Center icon at the top right of the menu bar. Make sure you’re on the Today tab of the Notification Center. Scroll all the way down. You may see one of two things; an edit button, or a new button. The new button will also show you how many new widgets are available to be enabled. Regardless of what you see, click the Edit or New button.

how to add remove widgets in notification center on macos How to add/remove widgets in Notification Center on macOS

The Notification Center will expand and reveal a new panel with all the widgets that you can enable. Click the plus button next to a widget and it will be added to the Today tab in Notification Center. To remove a widget, look at the ones listed in the left panel and click the red minus button at the top left of a widget.

how to add remove widgets in notification center on macos 1 How to add/remove widgets in Notification Center on macOS

When you’re done adding and removing widgets, click the Done button at the bottom left, or just click anywhere outside the Notification Center.

Adding widgets is fairly easy but just because you’ve added a widget doesn’t mean it will work. It may rely on certain permissions or it may have problems of its own. Sometimes a widget just needs a little time to fetch and display information. Widgets are a great way to get a quick look at live data but the widget itself needs to fetch the data and they can be slow sometimes. Adding and removing a widget might, in rare circumstances, help.

Widgets are part of apps, or some apps run mostly or entirely as widgets. The point is, an app must come with its own widget. You cannot force an app to show a widget in the Notification Center. Apps that come with a widget will probably advise it on their Mac App store page, or the product page. A lot of apps have them if it suits their functionality but they tend to be more common on iOS than on macOS. Chrome has a widget on iOS but not on macOS.

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