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How to fix the mouse pointer stuck on an iPad

The iPad supports a Bluetooth mouse. You can use it as a pointing device much like you can on your desktop. This is a new feature that was added in iPadOS 13 and while it is an excellent improvement for those who use the device often, it has a few …

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How to configure hot corners on an iPad

iPadOS 13.4 has improved mouse support. You can customize the appearance of the pointer and you can now configure hot corners on an iPad. This feature works a lot like it does on macOS but, it is an accessibility feature. To that end, you have to enable a few of …

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How to test mouse buttons

A mouse is a fairly simple peripheral that most people use every day. They’re plug & play devices and you only need a specific driver for them if the mouse is a gaming mouse with more than the traditional two buttons an ordinary mouse has. The gaming mouse might still …

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How to customize the mouse pointer on iPadOS

iPadOS 13.4 is now out and it brings extended support for the mouse and trackpad. Most features won’t work unless you’re using an Apple device but, for an ordinary Bluetooth or USB mouse, you do still have the option to customize the mouse pointer on iPadOS. Here’s how. Customize mouse …

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How to share mouse and keyboard over the LAN on Linux

Barrier lets Linux users share both the mouse and keyboard over the local area network, effectively making it possible to control the input of one computer with another. It’s based on the code base of the tool Synergy. Here’s how to get it working on your system. Installing Barrier The …

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How to highlight the mouse cursor on macOS

The cursor on macOS can be enlarged and it’s generally easier to view given it has a solid border to it. Unless your cursor is very small, and you have an exceptionally high-resolution screen, chances are you won’t lose the cursor. Even if you do, you can shake your mouse …

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